Daughters of Fire

A multicultural adventure set amid the beauty, volcanic power, and cultural tensions of Hawai'i. A visiting astronomer falls in love with a Hawaiian anthropologist who guides him into a Polynesian world of volcanoes, gods, and revered ancestors.


"One highly recommended thrill ride of a book."

Huffington Post

Eddie Aikau: Hawaiian Hero

A biography of the legendary Hawaiian. Before he became internationally recognized as a big wave surfer and waterman, Aikau strived to find himself and his place in the world as a Hawaiian. His journey of self-discovery continues to inspire a culture, the surfing community, and those reconnecting the world over with the art ancient navigation.

"...a visual and emotional experience..."

- Honolulu Magazine

Georgia O'Keeffe's Hawaiʻi

In Georgia O'Keeffe's Hawaiʻi, Patricia Jennings Morris tells the story of their encounter, offering glimpses and a fresh look at the process of the great artist through the eyes of a pre-war teen in territorial Hawai'i. O'Keeffe's 20 lush paintings of Island flora and landscapes are reproduced together here for the first time. Reflecting on her time on Maui, O'Keeffe wrote, "I enjoy this drifting off into space on an island.” Years later, she added, it was one of "the best things I have done.”

Rainforest Puʻuhonua

“Kahi Wight’s words spring out of an authentic Hawaiian voice and a specific, beloved landscape that became and remains her spiritual puʻuhonua, her refuge, her connection point. It is written from her naʻau, from all the years of repression her generation went through and the emotional pain we Hawaiians hold. Kahi’s writing heals.”

—Manulani Aluli Meyer, author of Ho‘oulu: Our Time of Becoming

Hush Little Keiki

This story is an instant classic to be shared between mothers and babies growing up in Hawaiʻi. The playful lullaby reminds us of the ever present sweet, gentle, and soothing naturescapes from around the islands. Watch mynah birds fly against the setting sun, humpbacks dance across the ocean stage, and evening rains reveal the starry night.

Island Toes

What kinds of experiences do toes have in the islands?  What places do one’s toes take them? On an island, one can expect to see plenty of toes! From snorkeling toes, to wheelchair toes, and even straps-in-between toes! Island Toes takes readers around the islands, where shoes are optional and toes have the freedom to explore.

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Queen Liliʻuokalani, the Dominis Family, and Washington Place, their Home

Staying away from the usual politics, Queen Liliʻuokalani, the Dominis family, and Washington Place, their home, starts with the personal story of Queen Liliʻuokalani, tells of her husband and his family, and finishes with the story of a great house that has always been an important social and political hub. There is much new information about the Queen- such as bio's of her three hanai children, her own comments about her husband and their marriage, her late life almost-romance, her always precarious financial situation, her ability to mix Hawaiian and western cultural and religious beliefs, her kindness and caring along side her unpleasant comments about people.

“The Best of Hawai’i's Best Spooky Tales” 

"She stood in shimmering heat waves along Queen Highway on a hot October day. I couldn’t believe anybody would be standing in the sun at high noon on what seemed like the hottest day of the year. I thought at first the woman in the white dress might be a mirage. Dark skin, the color of coffee, Caribbean maybe; black hair in dreadlocks, she looked real as a rainbow. She stuck out her thumb and I stopped."