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Wayne Levin

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Capturing the big-eyed scad off the Kona Coast of Hawaii's Big Island that gather and move in dazzling clusters in order to deter predators, akule have been bountiful in Hawai'i for centuries. Their presence has commanded the attention of fisherman throughout the ages. The images command our attention, "living sculptures" as Levin calls them, evoking emotions and sensations in the onlooker as only the purest forms of natural biology can.

Levin's black and white imagery vividly presents the massive akule schools suspended in movement, and lucidly carries the reader with these hundreds of individuals moving in unison.


"A while back, I stumbled across a mysterious school of photos, as it were, somewhere, way out at Internet sea. They were mysterious and magical scenes of underwater flora and fauna; schools of fish, sharks, coral clusters and free-divers: all black-and-white and glowing in underwater light."

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"In Wayne Levin's underwater oeuvre, heightened awareness is achieved in reverse: We are plunged forth into a tenebrous tableau, escaping the comfortable world we know, sinking ever deeper through the aquasphere as shifting elemental forces rearrange perception . . . ."

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"The thing that struck me most of all was that the schools were so massive and yet behaved like a single organism.... It really made me question which was the individual: the fish or the school?"

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"In Wayne Levin's photographs of akule, we wonder at thousands of individuals cooperating in synchronous elegance, without a leader, and without dissent . . . ."

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"Levin shoots in black and white, using polarizing filters to strip out reflected light, creating a world that is boiled down to its visual essentials... It is full of wonder."

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"Levin transcends the technical and narrative aspects of the work to evoke awe and mystery. We detect a hint of sublime and a sense of our own place in the vastness of the universe." 

Rex Weil, Art News

"The best of his photographs capture something of the immensity and mysteriousness of the ocean, its elusive and constantly-changing beauty." 

James Bradley, City of Tongues


Wayne's photographs have been exhibited nationally and internationally at galleries, including Tokyo Designer Space, Japan; New York University, Tisch School of Art Gallery, New York City; Robert Koch Gallery, San Francisco; Louis Stern Fine Arts, Los Angeles; Rosenberg & Kaufman Fine Art, New York; Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, Virginia Beach; High Museum, Atlanta; and the VIP room of the American Pavilion at the World's Fair, Japan.

He has photographed sea life, surfers, canoe paddlers, free divers, swimmers, shipwrecks, seascapes and aquariums. In short, he has attempted to depict as many aspects of the ocean as possible within the boundaries of the black and white genre.