Arts and Crafts of Micronesia

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Arts and Crafts of Micronesia


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Barbara Wavell

paperback / flexibind
8" x 8", 264 pp

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This image-driven book provides a detailed view of the artwork, craftsmanship, and history of the traditional arts of Micronesia, using a unique blend of contemporary and historic collections to showcase such items as carved statuary, storyboards, model canoes, woven mats, baskets and fans.

Over 130 full color photos illustrate the descriptions in the text. Wavell's book is an excellent comprehensive view of the artistic and practical handiwork of the peoples of Micronesia.


"Barbara Wavell has skillfully bridged the present and past in Micronesian traditional Arts. Her knowledge of archival records, early publications and the realities of contemporary Micronesia makes this a valuable model for the analysis of arts and artists in remote places... an important contribution to our knowledge of this unique and important region."

- Jerome Feldman, Professor of Art History, Hawaii Pacific University

"... a beautifully illustrated and meticulously researched compendium that everyone interested in non-western art and in the Pacific Islands will wish to have on their bookshelf."

- Mac Marshall, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology and Community & Behavioral Health, University of Iowa

"At last we have in our hands a book that details the arts and crafts of Micronesia. Barbara has lovingly put together an informative and comprehensive book... I highly recommend this book to anyone, either casually or directly interested in the creative production of these tiny islands."

- Series Editor, Studies in Medical Anthropology, Rutgers University Press

"Arts and Crafts of Micronesia is a good introduction into the history and evolution of the art and material culture in Micronesia. Specifically how artistic expression and handmade products have moved from traditional to contemporary, exploring how political, economical and environmental changes have affected them."

- Dr. Shirley Campbell, Australian National University 


Barbara Wavell has been collecting art from Micronesia since 1975. She has a master's degree in cultural anthropology, and is a member of the Pacific Arts Association and the Association of Social Anthropologists in Oceania.