Hawaiʻi's Best Spooky Tales 4

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Hawaiʻi's Best Spooky Tales 4


collected by Rick Carroll

paperback, 6" x 9"
160 pp

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Twenty-four contributors share true stories of encounters with spirits, friendly and otherwise, and the dangers of breaking kapu.


"Carroll has just released his fifth collection of true accounts of inexplicable incidents, Hawaii's Best Spooky Tales 4, bringing a total of 130 local contemporary writers into print since 1996. 

It all started when Carroll an award-winning journalist was assigned to write a MidWeek cover story on graveyard historian Nanette Purnell on Halloween 1995. Publisher Benjamin Bess saw the story, called Carroll, and the rest is history... Publisher Bess guarantees they will send a shiver down your spine or your money back. He noted that none of the Spooky Tales 60,000 customers has ever taken him up on the offer."

- MidWeek


Rick Carroll is the creator of the bestselling Hawaii's Best Spooky Tales series, collections of true first-person stories of mysterious encounters in the Hawaiian Islands today. 

Carroll began collecting oral stories in Hawaii two decades ago and has brought more than 150 new local authors to print in his Spooky Tales books. 

Rick is a former daily journalist for the San Francisco Chronicle and author of Hawaii: True Stories of the Island Spirit and IZ: Voice of the People