Madame Pele: True Encounters with Hawaiʻi's Fire Goddess


Madame Pele: True Encounters with Hawaiʻi's Fire Goddess


collected by Rick Carroll

paperback, 6" x 9"
144 pp

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In these stories from twenty-three contributors, Pele takes a variety of forms: a four-year-old sees a lady in a crimson dress, others see lights or simply feel a presence, drivers pick up hitchhikers - old women young women - who mysteriously disappear. Pele announces a birth, commemorates a death, issue warnings, delivers blessings and curses. Is she a spirit, a legend, or a reality? It's up to you to decide.


"... a couple of dozen of those shiver-up-the-spine stories about the goddess who can appear in so many guises. This one would be a nice Halloween-season read-aloud option for older children."

- The Honolulu Advertiser

"The book is a light quick read an ideal gift for less than $12... The vignettes by Carroll cover the Big Island as well as other islands- Pele is everywhere."

- Pacific Business News

"... a book of 23 short first-person accounts that all have one thing in common: an unforgettable Pele encounter."

- The Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"I don't need to say a lot about this book other than buy it - it's great and really fun to read... after you have read the 23 stories and you still don't believe in Madame Pele den you lolo crazy brah!"

- Hawaii Island Journal

"Trust me. If you like spooky stories at all you'll love the way Carroll does them here and in his other books... Pele is here on every page: as a beautiful woman, as a very chilling ghost, as a force of nature, and as the fiery lava itself- and the reading is good."

- Maui Weekly

"Truly fun to read for the thrill of recounting modern-day testimony of meeting a goddess, Madame Pele is an excellent addition to folklore and fable shelves."

- Reviewers Bookwatch


Rick Carroll is the creator of the bestselling Hawaii's Best Spooky Tales series, collections of true first-person stories of mysterious encounters in the Hawaiian Islands today. 

Carroll began collecting oral stories in Hawaii two decades ago and has brought more than 150 new local authors to print in his Spooky Tales books. 

Rick is a former daily journalist for the San Francisco Chronicle and author of Hawaii: True Stories of the Island Spirit and IZ: Voice of the People.