Making Ribbon Leis 2


Making Ribbon Leis 2


by May Masaki and Coryn Tanaka

Concealed Wire-O, 8.5" x 11"
48 pp

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Making Ribbon Leis 2 More Handmade Gifts of Aloha is the second book by local lei designers Coryn Tanaka and May Masaki. Written for both beginning and experienced ribbon lei makers, the book includes an introductory section with step-by-step instructions for selecting materials and equipment for sewing leis using three basic techniques.

Instructions for making 20 individual leis include close-up photographs showing the intricate patterns and combinations of colors that create permanent island blossoms. The lei designs include lokelani, cigar flower, pansy, Akulikuli, crownflower, carnation, dendrobium, Ohai, alii and many others.


"Got family coming in from the Mainland? Nieces and nephews graduating next year? Auntie turning 80? We have two words for you: ribbon lei. And Bess Press has a new book for you: Making Ribbon Leis 2: More Handmade Gifts of Aloha."

- Honolulu Advertiser

"... a simple hands-on guide to creating colorful and festive leis... Step-by-step instructions and color photographs mark this easy-to-follow, fun-to-do, one-of-a-kind, do-it-yourself and enthusiastically recommended instructional reference."

- Library Bookwatch

"... a fine book on Ribbon Lei making, a hobby many are discovering for the first time... The best part - the lei creations presented - unlike those made from real flowers - last forever and in most cases look like the real thing."

- The Dispatch


May Masaki and Coryn Tanaka are a mother and daughter team. They design and create ribbon leis, offering classes at community centers and at Flora-Dec Sales Inc. They own and operate U & Me Crafts Inc., and hold many international copyrights on their ceramic pieces which have been sold around the world.