My Filipino Word Book

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My Filipino Word Book


by Robyn Lyn Fancy, Vala Jeanne Welch
illustrated by Ronny Lynn

hard cover, 6.25" x 7.75"
32 pp

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Beautiful watercolors illustrate shapes, colors, numbers and animals using scenes from the Philippines. Each illustration features labels in English Tagalog and Ilokano. Designed for ESLL students (English for Second Language Learners), it is appropriate for a variety of age levels.


Robin Lyn Fancy has been an elementary school teacher in Hawaii since 1988. She is currently the K-12 school librarian at Lanai High & Elementary. 

Vala Jeanne Welch has been a teacher since 1970 in schools on the U.S. mainland, in the Tongan Islands, the Marshall Islands and Hawaii. She is currently an ESLL at Lanai High & Elementary.