Carolinian Alphabet


Carolinian Alphabet


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series by Dr. Lori Phillips, Pacific Resources in Education and Learning

hard cover, color
80 pp, 6" x 7.5"

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Carolinian Alphabet is part of the Island Alphabet Books series, which features languages and children's artwork from the U.S.-affiliated Pacific. Each hardcover book contains the complete alphabet for the language, four or five examples for each letter, and a word list with English translations. The series was co-published with Pacific Resources for Education and Learning, a non-profit corporation that works collaboratively with school systems to enhance education across the Pacific.


"These slim colorful volumes - nine in all - make a beautiful rainbow across my bookshelf... These books will be pressed into service as textbooks as a means of promoting literacy throughout the Pacific... And so my hat is off to Pacific Resources for Education and Learning and Lori Phillips as well as Bess Press...

- The Honolulu Advertiser

"... small and easy to carry it, is a sturdy hardback, it is colorful and it is the part of a series that will eventually include 9 different Pacific island language guides."

- The Dispatch

"Each letter of the alphabet is illustrated with three to five pictures so simple any child will see them as child's art... This is as good a book as the ABC or should I say AEH-teacher type allows. Enjoy!"

- Maui Weekly