Marshall Islands Legend and Stories


Marshall Islands Legend and Stories


by Daniel A. Kelin II

paperback, black and white
272 pp, 7" x 10"

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In Marshall Island Legends and Stories, Daniel A. Kelin II preserves the qualities of oral storytelling in 50 stories recorded from 18 storytellers on 8 islands and atolls. This lively collection includes something for everyone: origin stories tales of mejenkwaad and other demons, tricksters, disobedient children, wronged husbands, foolish suitors, and reunited families - all relaying the importance of traditional Marshallese values and customs.


"... an introduction to a culture that has sent us many new residents in recent years and has received new attention as a result of Honolulu writer Robert Barclays well-regarded first novel Melal set in the Marshalls."

- The Honolulu Advertiser

"Readers are going to be delighted with the new Marshall Islands Legends and Stories, a collection of some 50 tales from 18 Marshallese storytellers... This collection is expansive... "

- The Marshall Islands Journal

"... has a weakness for a good story that is well-told, and he collected these from the Marshalls. Many have never been published. Includes a glossary and pronunciation guide."

- Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"... an entertaining and richly presented collection of oral folklore featuring 50 stories recorded from 18 storytellers on 8 Marshall islands and atolls."

- The Bookwatch