Pacific Island Legends


Pacific Island Legends


by Beret E. Strong, William Flood, Nancy Flood

paperback, black and white
280 pp, 7" x 10"

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Written at a 4th-grade reading level, these 44 easy-to-read stories are windows on the cultures of the Pacific Islands and Aboriginal Australia. Includes glossary, bibliography and striking illustrations throughout. Teachers guide provides summaries, discussion questions, activities, thematic index and bibliography.


"This is an excellent companion piece to B. Dunford and R. Ridgell's Pacific Neighbors: The Islands of Micronesia Melanesia and Polynesia."

- Multicultural Review

"Pacific Island Legends offers parents and children a chance to bond through shared reading and the discussions that will undoubtedly follow."

- Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"This fascinating collection of folk tales includes 44 such legends... beautifully illustrated... "

- Laughing Bear Newsletter

"... the book records the stories in an engaging and often exciting style."

- Kirkus Review

"Clean, crisp woodcut illustration add just the right amount of cultural flavor."

- The Honolulu Advertiser

"Pacific Islands Legends is a highly recommended addition to any personal, academic or public library multicultural myth, legend and folklore reference collection."

- MidWest Book Review

"These tales bring alive the magic of storytelling and conjure the images of clattering coconuts, swaying palms and starry skies."

- Foreword Magazine