Polynesia in Early Historic Times


Polynesia in Early Historic Times


by Douglas Oliver

paperback, black and white
320 pp, 8.5" x 11"

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Polynesia in Early Historic Times presents a comprehensive and balanced description of major aspects of Polynesian cultures, providing written accounts from European explorers and current writings by archaeologists and anthropologists.


"A remarkable achievement. Oliver's experience as a Pacific researcher is without parallel, his scholarship is impeccable, and he has achieved a major synthesis of our knowledge of pre-European Polynesia."

- Pacific Island Studies

"For a readable rundown on what to believe and not, you can't do better than a new book by our distinguished dean of Pacific anthropologists- Doug Oliver."

- The Honolulu Advertiser

"Recommended for academic and large public libraries."

- Library Journal

"Oliver has not lost his observer's edge or his writing skill. This is an intelligently produced and richly illustrated book about a people who explored a third of the earth's surface before Columbus was even born."

- Pacific Magazine